The Baobab Wood Round Dining Table

Oak Wood & Oak Wood Overlay | Solid Oak Wood 

Natural | Walnut | Light Walnut |  Others: Specify at checkout 


L100 D100 H78 

L120 D120 H78 

L135 D135 H78 

L150 D150 H78 

L185 D185 H78

L200 D200 H78

L230 L230 H78


Elevate your dining area with the Baobab Wood Round Dining Table. Its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design make it a stunning centerpiece for any dining room. The natural Oak Wood color exudes warmth and character, while the round shape encourages intimate conversations and gatherings. Choose the perfect size to fit your space and enjoy a dining experience like never before with this elegant piece of furniture.

  • Material: Base Solid Oak Wood | Top Oak Wood Overlay or Solid Oak Wood*
  • Color: Different colours available. 

    Featured Picture: Light Walnut Color Finish.

    Featured Picture: Biscuit Color Finish.

  • Measurements: Available in various sizes to suit your space - L100 D100 H78, L120 D120 H78, L135 D135 H78, L150 D150 H78, L185 D185 H78, 200 D200 H78, L230 L230 H78

*Shipping rates for these dimensions may vary:

  • L150 D150 H78
  • L185 D185 H78
  • L200 D200 H78
  • L230 L230 H78
  • L300 L300 H78

Our team will communicate the final shipping rate to the customer once the destination address is provided.


The Baobab Tabletop is offered in two options: Oak Wood Overlay or Solid Oak Wood.

Please note that while both options provide quality, the Solid Oak Wood top carries a slightly higher risk of cracking due to the nature of solid wood. For those seeking a balance of durability and affordability, we recommend the Oak Wood overlay as featured on our website. This option maintains the Oak aesthetic. 

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Please note that due to the artisanal craftsmanship and the use of natural woods in some of our products, there may be slight variations from the product images. We celebrate these unique qualities that make each piece one-of-a-kind, showcasing the beauty of nature's imperfections.

Recommended sizes for both round and oval Baobab dining tables along with the approximate number of people they can seat:

Round Baobab Dining Table:

L100 D100 H78 cm - Seats 2-4 people
L120 D120 H78 cm - Seats 4-6 people
L135 D135 H78 cm - Seats 4-6 people
L150 D150 H78 cm - Seats 6-8 people
L185 D185 H78 cm - Seats 8-10 people
L200 D200 H78 cm - Seats 8-10 people
L230 D230 H78 cm - Seats 10-12 people

Oval Baobab Dining Table:

L200 D100 H78 cm - Seats 4-6 people
L220 D100 H78 cm - Seats 6-8 people
L250 D110 H78 cm - Seats 6-8 people
L300 D120 H78 cm - Seats 8-10 people
L360 D120 H78 cm - Seats 10-12 people

These sizes are approximate and can vary depending on the size of the chairs and the amount of space each person requires.


While the Baobab Wood Round Dining Table boasts exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design, customers considering the option of pure solid wood for the tabletop should be aware of potential risks associated with natural wood characteristics. Solid wood, particularly in the tabletop, may be susceptible to natural variations such as warping, cracking, or splitting over time, especially in environments with fluctuating humidity levels. These characteristics are inherent to solid wood and are not defects in craftsmanship. To mitigate such risks, we offer the option of oak wood overlay construction for the tabletop to maintain oak aesthetic, which enhances stability and reduces the likelihood of these issues occurring. While some customers may prefer solid oak wood, we recommend both for consideration. It is important to note that both options retain the aesthetic appeal of oak wood while offering different levels of durability. The oak wood + plywood option is showcased in the images provided on the product page and in the accompanying video, allowing customers to visualise the finished product and make an informed decision based on their preferences and needs. Customers opting for pure solid wood acknowledge and accept these potential risks.

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