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My Home Design was born to bring modern and elegant pieces from various regions around the world to enhance the places where we spend most of our time. We help you to create a special home with design using unique and vibrant pieces..

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My Home Design was born from the passion and desire for unique pieces of furniture, and the desire of bringing more diversity and options to the Australian market, making it easier to access outstanding antique and new high quality from remote regions and countries, and bringing more diversity and choices for those home lovers and furniture lovers.

Home is the place where people spend most of the time, specially now that offices have become home. A real need to be comfortable and enjoy your home has become essential. We want to help Australians to have that help, bringing them more choices from all parts of the world.

We want to help transform homes and interiors, breaking the usual monotony and help people to make the most of their homes and create new atmospheres and make home a place to be.

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